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 Jules Watson

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PostSubject: Jules Watson   Jules Watson Icon_minitimeThu 21 Apr 2011, 15:07

Of all writers I've read, I feel that Jules Watson comes closest to what I imagine life was like during ancient times. Jules has a spiritual connection with the places she writes of and it certainly comes through in her writing. I never feel like I'm merely reading the story, but living it and being a part of it in some way. You almost feel as if she had been there when things happened and sat documenting each event as it unfolded. Many view her work to be fantasy, but I think it was a reality, just long long ago.

The White Mare
The Dawn Stag
The Boar Stone

The Swan Maiden

The Raven Queen

The first three are a trilogy set in Scotland during the time of the Roman expansion north. The second two are linked, but each are their own story and can be read alone. The second two are set in Ireland.
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Jules Watson
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